Game On

By Heather • Jan 13th, 2009 • Category: Lead Story, SMSG

Game on.

For me, that’s one of the most memorable lines from the West Wing. First some background and then I’ll explain what Aaron Sorkin’s brilliance has to do with social media … and social good.

In this particular West Wing episode, President Bartlett is preparing for the only debate of his re-election campaign. Political consultants were freaking out — overloading his head with all kinds of useless information. Bartlett knew that he was ready. It was his moment. His time.

What’s that got to do with social media? As I see it, there are more than enough so-called social media experts (many of whom have taken up permanent residence in the “echo-chamber“). I say enough talking. How about some doing? Instead of just pontificating about this strategy … or that vernacular — let’s put our collective brains together and actually make a difference.

Non-profits provide the backbone for communities all across this country … especially in a down economy. But, they don’t always have the resources or the knowledge to dedicate to social media. That’s where we come in. Helping worthwhile organizations figure out how to reach an even larger audience — and develop stronger relationships with current and potential supporters — is time well spent. So, this is my new project — and I hope you’ll join me on this crazy adventure. We’re going to build a resource to help non-profits navigate the world of social media and online communication.

As I see it, there are four parts to this:

  • Resources (See the toolbox.)
  • Tips (How can groups use social media to achieve their overall goals?)
  • Profiles (Case studies showing social media for social good in action.)

This is a new idea … and not totally fleshed out. But, time spent overstrategizing is time wasted. Instead, let’s jump in and see where we go.


Game on.

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